Granger Smith

Nov 5th


Grizzly Rose

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**In person concert. Click "Attend Event" to purchase a ticket. Venue: Grizzly Rose. Location: Denver.** The power of music has always been in Granger Smith’s hands, even when he didn’t know it. When people need hope, his songs inspires it. When people are in a tough spot, he shows them a way out. When people are looking for purpose, he is proof that sometimes purpose finds you. With Smith's new music, the YouTube series, the Yee Yee brand, and the dependability of Earl Dibbles Jr., Smith says it all works together to reveal the truth. “We are normal, very vulnerable humans. Now when I meet people, they feel like they really know me. They genuinely feel closer to me and more comfortable around me,” he says. And that is the proof that there’s a little bit of Granger Smith in everything Granger Smith does.


Grizzly Rose
5450 N Valley Hwy
Denver, CO 80216

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Attend this event and discover hundreds more!

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