Jordan Casteel Stays In The Moment

Jun 1st - Mar 31st


Streaming Artist Interview

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** Streaming artist interview and gallery tour. Click "Attend Event" to watch the short film.** How does an artist connect with her subjects in the solitude of her studio? Artist Jordan Casteel reflects on the complex dynamic between herself and her subjects while adjusting to the recent commercial success of her paintings. Celebrating the opening of her first solo gallery exhibition at Casey Kaplan in Chelsea, Casteel is joined by the men featured in her portraits who revel in their oil likenesses. "I feel like a superstar," says one subject, Quentin, "I can't stop blushing." In her studio at the Elizabeth Foundation in midtown Manhattan, Casteel reflects on how she uses photography to capture a subject in an instant, before spending hours investigating every detail of the scene. "It's my way of trying to reconnect with the immediacy that happens if you're sitting in front of somebody," says the artist. "The camera has really become a liaison between me and the sitter. It gives me time to slow down before I go fast."


Streaming Artist Interview
231 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

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